Ashley Stuckey

When did you start skydiving?: 
July, 2006
Why did you start skydiving?: 

My sister asked to go skydiving as a graduation present from high school and somehow her taking the plunge ended up in me going along with her. Scared out of my mind, her, my Dad and myself all made the trip out to the drop zone.  Within seconds of leaving the airplane I knew I was hooked.

If you have even a fraction of an interest in jumping out of an airplane, do it.  Come to the DZ and talk to someone who just made their first jump and see the excitement and energy they have - this sport speaks for itself - don't take my word for it, find out for yourself how great it is!

Approximately how many jumps do you have?: 
2 000
What USPA ratings do you hold?: 

AFF-I, Coach

What do you do at MASPC?: 

AFF instruction and videography.